Sunday, June 14, 2015

National Day of Action for Puerto Rico

PRcrisisENG1On December 2nd, Puerto Rican and allied community, government, labor and faith leaders from across the country will converge on Capitol Hill for a National Day of Action for Puerto Rico that will urge Congress to act on behalf of the Commonwealth.  The leadership of the Puerto Rican community will converge to discuss the crisis in Puerto Rico and its impact across all states, and what can be done by the Federal Government to begin to rectify the dire situation.

Puerto Rico is in a humanitarian crisis. Puerto Rico, home to 3.5 million American citizens, is $72 billion in debt, or $20,000 for every man, woman, and child on the island. Puerto Rico’s Governor has declared the island’s debts to be “unpayable”, with the government expected to default on over $350 million on December 1st.

To learn more about Puerto Rico’s economic crisis and some of the recommendations being discussed, click here

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2016 NPRDP Scholarship Awards Program – APPLY TODAY


Applications for the 2016 National Puerto Rican Day Parade Scholarship Program are now available.  In our continued commitment to promote education and advance our community, the NPRDP will award sixty (60) scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each to high school seniors and college students in their freshman through junior years who are of Puerto Rican descent.  Winners will also have the opportunity to participate in the Rising Stars Challenge, where the NPRDP will select the 2016 Princess and Prince of the Parade.

Download an application through the links below.  Details regarding eligibility requirements, directions for submission packages and deadlines can be found on the application.  Good luck!​

Download Scholarship Application – For High School Students 

Download Scholarship Application – For College Students

New York Daily News Editorial: A Proud Community

We acknowledge the New York Daily News for providing the editorial space to correct the inaccurate reporting, and misrepresentation of our Parade and our people. It is a strong and honest step to rectify a mistake, recognize the community’s reaction, and respond in a kind, fair and appropriate manner. The Daily News’ editorial is proof that the community has been heard, and a reminder of the need for accurate, serious and responsible news reporting.

– National Puerto Rican Day Parade


Excerpt from New York Daily News Editorial – June 20, 2015

Pride. It’s an emotion that we carry in abundance as we cover this great city and its vibrant, diverse communities.

In the past week, however, we’ve heard from many of you that we have recently offended one of those communities.

On Monday, our coverage of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade — an event that the Daily News has proudly co-sponsored for 25 years — included a photo, shot from behind, of two topless women dressed in G-string bikinis, carrying a Puerto Rican flag.

Due to misleading information provided to our editors by a wire photo service, we described these women as paradegoers. They were not. They were, in fact, “performers” trying to make a buck from tourists in Times Square.

As a result, we negatively mischaracterized what the Puerto Rican community represents. Its nearly 1 million members have been, and will continue to be, one of the cornerstones of New York and an irreplaceable thread in its unique fabric.

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