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Saludos, Parade Family!

The history of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade is one of cultural awareness, resilience, pride, unity, and education, rooted in the spirit of activism, freedom, and justice.  We are proud that this legacy remains alive and strong today, six decades after the Parade’s founders first marched in New York City, in 1958. 

We welcome groups interested in participating in the celebration to form contingents and submit a participant application form so that all can lend their voices to celebrating our culture and heritage while collectively shining a light on the issues and challenges that are impacting Puerto Rico and our people.  This is an opportunity to act in solidarity and speak with a unified voice while celebrating our community’s achievements and contributions to our global society.

On Sunday, June 11, the National Puerto Rican Day Parade will span 35 city blocks, featuring the best in Puerto Rican music, dance and culture. An estimated 1+million participants and spectators will join the celebration.


We welcome you to join us as a contingent participant to the parade.


To sign up your group, company, or organization, please click below to read our guidelines, register, and submit your payment.

Step 1 - Read and acknowledge the parade's rules and regulations

Step 2 - Register your contingent and submit fee payment

Ready? Begin your registration here!

The deadline for registering for the 2023 parade was Saturday May 27th, 2023.
The parade is no longer accepting new contingent registrations.
The below is for information purposes only. 
Registrations will open up again for the 2024 Parade early next year.

National Puerto Rican Day Parade

Parade Pricing for Contingents (2023)

The below is a price guide for contingents looking to register with the National Puerto Rican Day Parade. This is not a registration form. To register click the button above.


All participants in the National Puerto Rican Day Parade must complete a registration application for their group/contingent in advance of the parade and before the registration deadline of Saturday May 27th, 2023.

Pricing is based on the type of registration that best corresponds with the type of organization/group you represent.


Contingent registration is required to participate in the parade, and are subject to verification and approval by parade


All Registrations come with 50 Individual wristbands included.

Small Business*  (<$6MM Rev) -                                                                   $800

Large Non Profit (Files 990 Long-form; receipts $200K+, Assets $500K+) - $600

Medium Non Profit (Files 990-EZ; receipts up to $200K, Assets <$500K) -  $400

Small Non Profit (Files 990-N; receipts < $50K) -                                          $200

Government, Military, Unions -                                                                       $500

Non-Affiliated Community Group (Pueblo/Culture) -                                      $100


*For private companies with revenue $6MM+, Please contact parade organizers at

Additional Wristbands

Contingents must purchase additional wristbands for the number of participants over 50.

Additional Wristbands Pricing (price per individual)

● Purchased before May 27th registration deadline -  $2.50 Each

● Purchased after May 27th registration deadline -     $5.00 Each


No motorcycles, 16 wheelers, vans, moving or rental trucks are allowed. All vehicle selections must be

reviewed and approved prior to joining the parade. Limit one vehicle registration per contingent unless

otherwise authorized.  Any vehicles decorations must be appropriate and culturally relevant to the parade.

Pricing for Vehicles:

Vehicle - Convertible   $400

Vehicle - Jeep             $500

Vehicle - SUV/Pickup  $600

Vehicle - Oversized    $1,500


Contingents registering for the parade must work with an NPRDP float vendor to be included in the parade.

Parade organizers will follow up with you on coordinating float details.

Float - Standard                                                                   $4,000

Package Includes: Dimensions: 8′ x 26′ x 12′

Float rental Decoration (basic trim)

Basic, in-house signage

Vehicle Driver Insurance.

Float Custom Vinyl Banners and Graphics                          $1,500

(Standard Package Add-on)

Float - Custom                                                                     $6,000

Package Includes: Dimensions: 8′ x 28 ‘x 13’

Float rental Decoration (special construction)

Custom signage/graphics

Vehicle Driver Insurance

Float - Corporate/Sponsored                                               $20,000

Please contact parade organizers for details of package and customization.

For inquiries email 

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