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Parade Registration for Contingents: Step 1, Rules and Regulations

Thank you for your interest in participating in the National Puerto Rican Day Parade festivities on Fifth Avenue. Now in its 67th year, we are proud to continue the celebration of Puerto Rican culture, heritage, and accomplishments in New York City that serves to honor our entire community.  We have established the following rules and regulations to ensure the safety and enjoyability of all participants, spectators, volunteers, and organizers of the Parade; and to maintain the integrity and values embodied by the parade itself.  Adherence to the stated policies is a requirement for all participants, therefore, contingents and participants must affirm they have read and understand these rules and regulations and will abide by such with the signature of the organizing contact person.  


The National Puerto Rican Day Parade Board of Directors reserves the right to take recourse including but not limited to warnings, additional fees for future registration, as well as suspensions, expulsions, or removal from the parade route of any contingent or individual that violates the parade rules and regulations as stipulated below.


All contingents must register and attend at least one orientation session to be held prior to participating in the parade.  The purpose of the orientation session is to discuss the mission and vision of the parade, parade norms, safety protocols, and to be formally introduced to the annual parade themes and topics. The person attending the orientation must accompany the contingent at the parade.

A. All participants in the National Puerto Rican Day Parade must complete a registration application for their group/contingent in advance of the parade and before the registration deadline as set by parade organizers.

B. The registration must include a listing of all contingent participants' names, addresses, emails, and telephone numbers and specify the lead person/s of the group.

C. Contingents must describe the theme and plan for their group or float - including all notable guests being featured. This description is used to describe your contingents on television and on the web, so please put effort into your descriptions. 

D. Any known public figure or celebrity being featured in the contingent must be included in the application. Any major changes to contingent participation must be provided expeditiously to parade organizers before the parade date. Celebrities/known figures which require additional security accommodation must be shared to and approved by the Parade organizers.

E. Any impersonators or persons portraying known figures must be clearly identified as impersonators.

Every person in the contingent must have a wristband to participate in the Parade. When registering, please provide as accurate a participant count as possible so you can get the proper amount of wristbands up front. We want to discourage repeated requests for additional wristbands, which complicates parade logistics and organizing.

A. Contingents get up to 50 wristbands with their original registration. Free.

B. Any additional wristbands above 50 can be purchased at registration - $2.50 per additional wristband​

C. After the registration deadline, requests for additional wristbands are subject to approval - $5.00 per additional wristband.

D. Additional wristband requests made the week of the parade may be denied.

E. Bands and folkloric groups are not included in groups of 50.

No one is permitted to march or be anywhere on the parade route, stage area, or grandstand/viewing area without the proper credentials (parade passes, volunteer t-shirts, wristbands, etc). Anyone identified selling or misusing parade credentials will be immediately escorted from the Parade. The misuse of credentials by contingents may be sanctioned by the parade organizers

All participants are required to promote and celebrate Puerto Rican heritage, culture, and pride. Contingents and groups are encouraged to incorporate the year’s parade themes and cultural focuses into their presentation in their own creative way. Groups/participants who make no conscious effort to reflect, respect and celebrate Puerto Rican culture may be sanctioned by the parade organizers.

All participants and contingents must adhere to reflect positive imagery and behavior that elevates Puerto Rican cultural, social and community values.

The Puerto Rican flag is the most important symbol of our nationality and culture. It must be presented in public in the most dignified and respectable manner. 

The black and white, gold and white and rainbow pride Puerto Rican flags may be used when accompanied by the formal Puerto Rican flag. The formal Puerto Rican flag should not be altered with caricatures, etc.

A. Every year, the NPRDP bestows honorary titles on individuals that are recognized for exemplary accomplishments and/or contributions to the Puerto Rican culture.  We require that contingents and their participants respect and recognize these individuals by avoiding the wearing of sashes that imply the awarding of “honoree” status that has not been officially granted by the parade organizers.  These include, but are not limited to “ ‘of the year” titles such as “Artist of the year,” “Marshall,” “Madrina/Padrino,” or any title meant to portray honors associated with the NPRDP parade.


B. Pageant winners are not included in this, but sashes must be specific as to designation.  For example “Prince/Princess of certain event or theme,”

No political or electoral advertisement or signs may be displayed by any contingent. 

A. No third-parties are allowed  to march with the original group that registered on the application.  


B. Contingents cannot “split fees” with another group without authorization of Parade organizers.


C. No third-party sponsors can participate without authorization if they wish to have their own presence on the float (for example corporate logo’d models/walkers, logo’d giveaways, shared float design, etc.) Their inclusion may change the contingent category of the float to the business/corporate rate.

Absolutely no alcohol, cigarettes, vapes, marijuana/cannabis, or any other items requiring proof of age can be distributed, sold, used, or consumed inside the parade route.

All loud sound effects must be turned off, and music lowered as contingents pass Saint Patrick’s Cathedral on 51st Street and 5th Ave. Sound effects not associated with music (car horns, sirens, foghorns, etc), and any flashing lights similar to emergency vehicles must be turned OFF before entering the viewing stand/TV broadcast area.

All contingents and participants must adhere to the instructions of NPRDP board members, coordinators, staff, and volunteers during the parade. This direction includes but is not limited to adhering to instructions to “close gaps,” lower music/sound”, rate of pace, loitering, vehicle safety and crowd control. Failure to comply may result in the immediate removal of the contingent from the parade route. All contingents must follow instructions given by the NYPD/law enforcement and first responders at all times.

A. If your group is interested in a float, you can indicate so on the Registration Form. Float design and marching contingents must be described at time of application.

B. Once application and payment is received, the parade will connect you directly with the float staff to discuss the design process. 


C. Floats that do not reflect Puerto Rican culture will not be allowed in the parade.


D. It is forbidden to throw items into the crowd of spectators from the float or marching contingent as it creates a safety hazard and may cause injury.  Non-compliance is grounds for immediate removal from the parade route. 


E. Contingents must adhere to capacity limitations and requirements for the floats as indicated by the float designers. Contingents cannot overload floats with people and/or equipment as it poses a danger to parade participants.

F. Contingents not using the assigned float vendors or wish to use an alternative type of vehicle must get approval from parade organizers.

A. No motorcycles, 16 wheelers or vans will be allowed.


B. No moving or rental trucks


C. No vehicles which prominently display logos not associated with the contingent and/or sponsors. 


D. For security reasons, closed vehicles will be used to pull the floats only.


E. Each group is limited to 1 vehicle at the parade, unless otherwise authorized. Oversized vehicles subject to additional fees.


F. Participants must not sit on the hood or roof of the car, and should not have the car doors open while moving. 


G. All children must be properly supervised by an adult and according to age have the proper safety restraints (seatbelts, car seats, etc) when riding in a vehicle.  


F. All vehicles used in the parade must adhere to the rules and regulations of the NYC Dept of Motor Vehicles and law enforcement.

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