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One Nation, Many Voices

The National Puerto Rican Day Parade (NPRDP) is the largest demonstration of cultural pride in the nation.  Now in its 67th year, the parade takes place from 44th Street to 79th Street along Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, in honor of the 3.5 million inhabitants of Puerto Rico and over 5 million people residing in the United States.

Reborn in 2014, our programs and events focus on promoting Culture, Arts and Education, with special tributes to prominent, historical figures and campaigns to raise awareness of important issues in the community.  We are also committed to advancing the pursuit of higher education, awarding scholarships to students of Puerto Rican descent.

Each year, NPRDP hosts a variety of cultural, educational and social, cultural and social events throughout New York City leading up to the day of the Parade.  These include the 152nd Street Cultural Festival, Parade Mass at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, and the Scholarship Gala.

The National Puerto Rican Day Parade, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax-exempt organization and we rely heavily on the support of our sponsors and donations from the community to help produce the events that make up the largest demonstration of cultural pride in the United States. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent permissible by law.


The mission of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, Inc. is  to create a national awareness and appreciation of the Puerto Rican culture and its contribution to the United States. 

An iconic institution for over half a century, the mission of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade (NPRDP) is to create awareness and appreciation of Puerto Rican culture and history, as well as to highlight our community’s contributions to the global society.  Under the theme Un Pueblo, Muchas Voces (One Nation, Many Voices), NPRDP celebrates the creativity and diversity of thought in Puerto Rico and across our patria extendida (diaspora).


 The NPRDP delivers on its mission by producing and hosting a series of events and programs that are designed to celebrate and advance Art, Culture and Education in the Puerto Rican community, both in Puerto Rico and the mainland U.S.  NPRDP is committed to promoting the pursuit of higher education through its annual scholarship program, having expanded the NPRDP Scholarship Program 20-fold since 2013, awarding a total of $200,000 to 100 exceptional high school and college students of Puerto Rican descent in 2018. 

Board of Directors

The National Puerto Rican Day Parade Board Members graciously and generously donate their time and expertise to make the parade a monumental success, year after year. In compliance with our bylaws and given our commitment to succession planning, we welcomed three new board members in 2022.

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